GreenMatters Engineering's Approach

Capex Free
Capex Free

The LED Solution is funded from the energy savings. There is no financial risk placed on the customer as the savings are guaranteed.


The optimised LED lighting Solution will decrease the operational lighting costs by up to 85%.

Better Lighting
Better Lighting

The light produced by LED’s have a higher CRI index and produce more light. By modeling the clients pace, GME designs the light distribution to far surpass the OHSA Act requirements.

Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free

GME provides - at no additional cost to the customer - a five year maintenance plan. The premium tier one LED lighting products come with a five-year warranty.

Sustainable Lighting

The cumulative price of electricity has increased by 329% from 2008 to 2017, which corresponds to an average increase of 17% per year. Reducing one’s electrical consumption to become energy efficient has become a critical element of running a sustainable business.

GME’s lighting solutions are driven by the highest quality tier one manufacturers and product that out-perform the current solutions offered by the market. GreenMatters will not only back a 5-year warranty on the lighting product, we will guarantee the light output and lux levels for the following five years.

GreenMatters will conduct a thorough light audit at no cost to the customer.

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Lighting Design and Compliance

Free Audit - GreenMatters will perform a free onsite audit at no cost to the customer.

Software - GreenMatters will design an optimised LED lighting solution using proprietary design and software.

Compliance - GreenMatters designs the light requirements according to The Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA)Insurers will repudiate a claim if the work environment does not comply with the OHS Act.

Motion & Photometric Sensors - GreenMatters will design a sensor add-on solution to further optimize energy savings to ensure that the lights are only operational when needed.
If no motion is detected after 10 minutes or natural light provides more than the required lux, the sensors will automatically turn the LED’s off.

Funding Options

Option 1: Shared Savings

No Capex, Enjoy the financial savings and only use a percentage of the savings to fund the project.

5 year free maintenance contract.

5 year warranty on light fixtures and light output.

Option 2: Self Funding

No Capex. Use 100% of the Lighting Opex to self fund the project.

5 year free maintenance contract.

5 year warranty on light fixtures and light output.

Option 3: Outright Purchase

Enjoy all the Operation Lighting Savings upfront with the outright purchase option.

5 year free maintenance contract.

5 year warranty on light fixtures and light output.

GreenMatters Engineering's Process

1. GreenMatters will perform a free site-audit of your current lighting installation.

2. We will do a complete personalized lighting design specific for the space.

3. A preliminary lighting design with a financial model and submit an energy saving proposal.

4. Sign the energy saving proposal with no Capex requirements.

5. Project planning will take 8 weeks to procure the fixtures and peform a formal site assessment and project plan.

6. GreenMatters will install or retrofit the lighting solution at no upfront cost to you.

7. See your monthly lighting bill reduce.


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