GreenMatters Engineering's Approach: Funding Options


Power Purchasing Agreement Option
Lease-to-Own Option

• Your company buys electricity from the solar solution cheaper than your current tariff from the municipality.
• We guarantee that you will always buy electricity cheaper.
No upfront cost to your company.

Roof Rental Option

• You generate yield from the un-occupied roof-space for the solar solution.
• We guarantee that you will always buy electricity at the same rate or cheaper than the municipality.
No upfront cost to your company.

Self Funded Option
Bank Finance Option

• You invest and own the solar solution and takes advantage of the full financial savings it produces.
• Typical ROI is above 28%.
Accelerated depreciation tax benefit provides a 28% tax savings on the upfront investment.

What is Grid Tie Solar Power?

Grid-Tie Solar Power converts sunlight directly into electricity that is used immediately onsite.


Grid-Tie Solar Power convert sunlight into electricity that is immediately used.


The Solar solution is installed on the roof of any North facing structure that has direct sun exposure.


The solar solution produces electricity cheaper than municipal power.

No Storage

As there is no electrical storage, one needs to ensure that the solar electricity produced during the day will be used immediately.


The solar solution supplements grid-power. The energy produced from the solar solution will always be used first. When the load requires more power than what the solar solution is producing, municipal power will automatically provide the required power to the electrical load.

Solar for Sectional Title

Sectional Title - Taking Advantage of Solar

GreenMatters installs the solar solution at no upfront cost to the Body Corporate.
The Solar solution immediately produces power and generates revenue.

Legal Net Metering - Unit owners and body corporate can export and sell solar energy at the same rate that they buy with-in the sectional title.

Tariff Structure - Sectional title are typically billed for electrical consumption, making them the best candidates for solar.

There is no financial risk and savings are guaranteed.

No special levies, No increase of levies only income from the generated electricity.

Once the cost of the system is covered, the full financial savings will be for the body corporate.

We can use existing car-ports to install the solar solution or install solar car ports.

Improve the value of your property and save the environment.

Equipment and Warranties

Solar is a long term investment, so why shouldn't the warranties and guarantees be the same? GreenMatters procures and implements tier one products. Our goal is to deliver a "Zero Risk" solution that perfectly satisfies all of the customer's requirements.

GME ensures that all suppliers hold the highest standard for quality and workmanship. Equipment costs typically account for around 80% of total project costs, the majority of which is made up of PV panel and inverter costs. GME therefore looks to select suppliers based on the following criteria to ensure long term return on investment:
1. Quality    2. Financial strength    3. Local presence & support   4. Price

GreenMatters Engineering's Process

1. GreenMatters will provide a preliminary assessment of the site based on tariff structures and utility bills.

2. If the assessment is viable, GreenMatters will perform a site audit.

3. A preliminary Solar design with a financial model will be drawn up and submitted.

4. Assess the best funding model and project approval.

5. Project planning and procurement.

6. GreenMatters will install, commission and monitor the solar site.

7. See your monthly lighting bill reduce.


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