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GreenMatters Engineering provides turnkey solutions

We design and develop energy solutions for industrial, commercial and residential clients.

The primary objective of GreenMatters Engineering (GME) is to generate value for the client from inception with-out placing any financial risk or Capex requirements on the client. GME provides engineered design, project management and capital to generate value through operational savings.

Solutions utilise a range of industry-proven quality products with reliable guarantees to deliver maximum lifetime value. All solutions are designed as a monthly service but can also be purchased outright, or leased based on linked operational savings determined through ongoing measurement and verification.

GreenMatters Engineering's Solutions

LED Lighting

Reducing electrical consumption and ensuring optimal energy efficiency

Solar Grid-Tie

Producing electricity cheaper than municipality power

Public Space Power

Implementing off-grid solar solutions with no municipal power connections

GreenMatters Engineering's Approach

No Capex Required
No Capex Required

GME funds the solution and uses the projects revenue to finance the energy-yielding project with embedded maintenance and services. The cost of the solution is recovered from the avoided municipal electrical expense.


Insurance claims can be repudiated through improper installation, light fixtures or sub- standard light levels. GreenMatters will guarantee the installation’s electrical compliance and light levels in accordance with the OHSA Act requirements.

No Maintenance Costs
No Maintenance Costs

GME only uses tier one products with reputable warranties. GME is responsible for all maintenance during the length of the agreement.

Risk Free
Risk Free

The client only pays when they quantify and see energy savings.

Our Clients

GreenMatters is a proud member of Imfezeko Investment Holdings


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