Solar Solutions

Grid-Tie Solar Power converts sunlight directly into electricity that is used immediately onsite. 

  • Sustainable – Grid-Tie Solar Power convert sunlight into electricity that is immediately used.
  • Convenient – The Solar solution is installed on the roof structure that has direct sun exposure
  • Cost Effective Power – The solar solution produces electricity cheaper than municipal power.
  • No Storage – As there is no electrical storage, one needs to ensure that the solar electricity produced during the day will be used immediately.
  • Supplemental – The solar solution supplements grid-power. The energy produced from the solar solution will always be used first. When the load requires more power than what the solar solution is producing, municipal power will automatically provide the required power to the electrical load.


Solar Solutions

Hybrid Solar Systems combine solar, battery and generator power to provide alternate power supply to your load. 

  • Robust – Hybrid Inverters make use of different sources of power to mitigate for periods when the grid power is not available.
  • Convenient – Hybrid Solutions will seamlessly use optimum power supply to meet the demand to ensure you always have power.
  • Cost Effective Power – Hybrid Solar optimises solar power to ensure that all loads are first supplied with solar power, excess power will go towards charging batteries.
  • Electrical Storage – Lithuim batteries are used as an alternate supply to supply power to critical loads to ensure continual power supply.
  • Generator Integration – For extended periods of load shedding. Hybrid systems can integrate a generator to facilitate the base load.

Design, Build and Maintains

Examples of Our Engineering Drawings

Long-Term Investment With Zero Risk

Solar is a long term investment, our goal is to deliver a “Zero Risk” solution by making use of Tier 1 materials only with substantive warranties. Only products and material with robust brand recognition, established support and financial stability are used to ensure the longevity of our solar sites. 

– Our robust engineering house designs the solar solutions,

– Our in-house project management team procure and quality assure the installations and

– Our very own electricians and technicians deploy, install and commission our sites.

Our Solutions

Purchase system – you enjoy the full value of the investment, the 12B tax deduction and the electricity savings.

JV Option – We invest alongside you in the solar asset.

Rental Model/Power Purchase Agreement – and provide you with a risk-free return of either a roof rental or reduced electricity amount.